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I’d like to start my first blog by giving two quotes. The first is my Introduction to my book, ‘Firecracker, The journey of a Lost Toy’:


The first draft of Firecracker was an attempt to describe my personal experience of bipolar disorder to my young children. As the years went by I decided that others who suffer from bipolar, their carers and families would enjoy the story and gain something from it. Now, at the same as healing narratives are being used more and more in the mental health arena, my hope is that this narrative about a toy koala bear who is a survivor will also appeal to adults and children in general.

This story does not constitute a definitive description and it might encourage people to create their own narratives. It must be stressed that there are different types of bipolar disorder and that bipolar is a different experience for each individual who has it.

Patricia Mosel, Bachelor of Journalism. B.A. Honours (English)

The second quote comes from the Praise for Firecracker section:

‘Firecracker is a story of great imagination \and has a good, satisfactory, happy ending’ MARGARET PINKNEY, Librarian.

More words of praise later.

Please feel free to comment.

Pat Mosel

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